B2B: What is Business to Business Marketing?

Having a powerful B2B marketing strategy is your best bullet for brand success especially in a highly competitive marketplace. You do need to stand out in a crowd of entrepreneurs and you need a solid marketing strategy to do that. In essence, you have to keep up with the changing pace of today’s businesses in need of a marketing strategy that combines both the traditional and the modern B2B concept of marketing.

B2B or Business to Business Marketing is about creating a robust marketing strategy that engages your target market or other businesses and at the same time builds your credibility in the industry. This is dubbed to be the biggest of all markets and contributed tons in the value chain of the economy. In simple terms, B2B marketing pertains to the sales transaction between one company’s products and services to another organization. This is mostly used in business operations or as a wholesaler doing resale of items to retailers.

While B2C sales transactions are based on trends or popularity, price, and status; B2B buyers would usually disregard emotional triggers from advertisements and focus on two factors alone – profit and price. B2B marketing has been very effective so far especially with the integration of social media. This has strengthened relationships and collaboration between businesses even from long distances. According to a survey conducted by iModerate and Chadwick Martin Bailey, businesses are more inclined to purchase from brands that they are more exposed to in social media or a company that they can easily track online. Businesses are now looking at the new media as a platform for gaining more scalable responses and engagement from their target audience.

B2B marketing is mostly used by companies which don’t have direct practical use to consumers like gravel or steel but are commonly used as raw material by businesses that sell products and services to customers. Developing a successful and powerful B2B marketing strategy is performed by outsourcing this service to a team of specialists in the B2B arena. This is said to be more effective in launching marketing campaigns than an in-house team.

B2B marketing capitalizes mainly on search, social media, and content. It is created in a flexible scheme aimed to customize products and services to the target customers. This type of marketing used to focus on trade events but now, B2B marketing has tapped into internet marketing or social media as around 83% of businesses mostly use search engines when conducting product research.

Yes, a brand’s digital footprint is now crucial to branding success. With that in mind, many tech B2B companies are now trying out more strategies to leverage on social media to gain more traction against competition. B2B marketing is intrinsically founded on building relationships that last with both businesses and consumers. This is one important goal for any company, whether you own a giant corporation or a family-owned startup. B2B marketing looks into addressing multiple audiences all at the same time or within a single enterprise.

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