Best Tools To Create Videos For Your Business

Video marketing has become a force to reckon with in social media and has become an important part of new media marketing campaigns today.

As opposed to video links, Facebook encourages the use of native videos. Facebook prioritizes videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook. These are said to perform better in terms of engagement and also provide better user experience than the latter. Evidently, these native videos receive 30% more views than videos from external links or coming from other websites. These also have images that are featured 11 times bigger to catch more attention in the news feed.

Creating a video requires high standards of video and audio technology. People would naturally want to look good on camera with the best audio. Fortunately, it is easier now to create amazing videos without ever showing your face as you can now create video ads with the use of images, screen captures, and video clips.Check out our list of the best tools to create videos for your business:

  • Camtasia Studio. This innovative tool works as an advanced editor and video recorder. This enables you to record everything on the screen that you would want to show. One popular feature is the SmartFocus which you can use for panning, as well as in zooming in and out. This is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It is wise to note that the zooming in feature is very important to media consumers because 80% of people who use Facebook are always on their mobile devices.
  • Animoto. If you want to create videos quickly, then this is the perfect app for you. It allows you to create compelling and professional videos in a breeze. This is currently being used by millions of users and is compatible with iOS devices. It just takes three steps to create videos. First off, you choose a video style then you pick video clips, photos, and add the text plus the song. Lastly, you can produce the video and then immediately share it on social media.
  • This is a favorite tool for mobile users because you can easily combine videos and images to your mobile devices and create a professional video out of it. You can share the video immediately in your feeds.
  • Windows Movie Maker/iMovie. This is one of the basic and easy tools to use for creating catchy videos online. Both of these apps allow you to import video clips and images then edit them to create videos. You can also record your narration and arrange them in the proper order.

Facebook’s earnings report in 2015 showed that there are roughly around 8 billion views daily following the successful launch of the 30-second Instagram video ads. This has made video ad creation easier and sleeker for both Instagram and Facebook.

Visual content is huge and has created mass following. In fact, this is now highly prioritized by many brands and businesses. The good news is that you can also create videos for promoting your brand. There are top-of-the line video editing tools that you can use for different budget ranges.

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