Examples Of Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns

If you happen to check out B2B marketing campaigns in the past, you would observe that these mostly appeal to consumer logic rather than the emotions. There is a running stereotype in B2B marketing campaigns but today’s robust technology has found a way into reviving the bland taste of B2B marketing.

This marketing genre has finally evolved and has dared take a step out of its comfort zone to be more interactive and creative that appeals not just to the mind but also to the senses and emotions. Campaigns are now run at a more personal and emotional level and is deemed more effective than the past versions.

As a marketer, you should understand that these businesses are run by people and are therefore influence by the same motivations as the people involved in B2C campaigns. This means they would react similarly to a personalized marketing strategy. More so, these people would be engaged by a powerful storyline that is cleverly executed with compelling copy and visuals.

Check out some examples of successful B2B marketing campaigns that have effectively delivered the right messages using the right medium and form:

  • Juniper Networks.This tech company provides software and hardware products to companies involved in networking. Their featured product is its data center security software. Even though the product may not be that appealing, they were able to come up with a captivating story with the use of unorthodox marketing techniques. Instead of focusing on sending out advertising messages, Juniper employed gamification to reach its target audience – IT specialists. The company brought the brand closer to its target audience with the game Deception Force. This is a game that features IT experts as heroes that busts DDoS attacks and Trojans. In the entire duration of the game, the players are exposed to some important concepts regarding Juniper’s products. The players can also snap a selfie playing hero in the game and then share that on social media. The digital campaign was successful with the integration of the landing page and game franchise. After its successful launch in February 2014, there were over 15,000 downloads on mobile devices recorded. More so, its game trailer also generated over 9,000 views.
  • Tetra Pak.This brand believes in keeping things interesting. They applied this mantra when they launched the new design for the food packaging company. The design was called DreamCap. They adjusted the cap design for easy drinking and to avoid collision of the nose and container. It’s r an intuitive design but they didn’t dwell much on the technical aspect or the package itself. They thought about how the design would appeal to the millennials and their buying preferences. They wanted to provide their consumers a solution to some of the issues encountered when drinking on the go. The company sent selected buyers 75 creative mailers (sample kits) that would take them to mini adventures. The appearance of these mailers has that Instagram appeal to it. This then directs prospects into a section which offers them different design options to choose from. This campaign was able to generate 500 responses from prospects.

For any marketing campaign, defining success should happen at the beginning and not at the end. You have to claim success at day one and that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have to make sure that everyone in the team is bent to make the campaign a success. The entire team should agree on the stated targets whether these pertain to media exposure, demos, video views, or downloads. This will make everything roll naturally at the duration of the campaign.

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